Vivek Granthalaya - History

With an intention to inculcate the habit of reading and spreading the importance of education and literacy amongst the mill workers community spread over Khedgalli, Prabhadevi and Worli, four social reformers, Late Shri Vanga Somalingham, Shri Chinta Vittal, Late Shri Dyavarshetty Venkateshwar and Shri P. Nagarajulu started Vivek Granthalaya on 19 October, 1952 on the eve of Deepawali festival in the premises of Bhagwan Shri Satyananda Maharishi Bhaktha Mandali in their room no. 9, Bori Chawl at Prabhadevi, Mumbai. Vivek Granthalaya functioned in their premises for about a year.

The readership and membership started increasing day by day and this led to aspire for own premises for Granthalaya.

A new era started in the history of Vivek Granthalaya with purchase of room no. 9A, Kachawala Building, Khedgally, Prabhadevi, Mumbai on April 4, 1954. Granthalaya has never seen back since then and has grown into full fledged organisation providing

  • Vivek Granthalaya and Free Reading Room
  • Vivekanand Balmandir
  • Sandeepani Ratra Vidyalay and
  • Vivek Technical Institue

Vivek Granthalya has the honour of being visited by many dignitaries from various fields. Literary Legends like Dr. C Narayana Reddy (Gyanpeeth Awardee), Dr. Dasharathi, Dr. Medasani Mohan (Court Poet-Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam), Smt. Nayini Krishna Kumari (Vice Chancellor-Telugu University), Dr. Mudhigonda Verabhadhra Shastri, Dr. Kasi Reddy Venkat Reddy, Shri Vande Mataram Ramachandra Rao, Dr. Anumandla Bhumayya, Dr. PVS Apparao, Dr. M. Ramaappa, Shri Piratla Venkateshwarlu (Editor-Krishna Patrika), Shri V. Ram Mohan Rao (Editor-Jagruti), Shri Bhairi Ramdas (Editor-Poddu), Shri Pendam Ravindra (Editor-Induru), Shri M.K. Gummalwar (Editor-Padmashali), Dr. Pattipaka Mohan.

Political stalwarts like Shri Manohar Joshi (Lok Sabha Speaker), Shri CH. Vidyasagar Rao (Union Home Minister-State), Shri Datta Rane (Minister for Higher Education) and Shri Sadanand Varde (Ex-Education Minister). Around 1969-70, the Granthalaya got a Philip with active participation of Dr. H.S. Palep who got the Granthalya registered with Charity Commissioner on 28.07.1972. With regular filing and complying with the relevant provisions, Granthalaya was granted aid from the Government of Maharashtra from 18.09.1979. Granthalya has been since growing day by day with life membership of around 200 people.

Vivek Granthalaya and Free Reading Room

The collection of books for library started with donation of about 300 books from the founders, their friends and relatives. Readers were allowed to take books of their interest to home for reading. Gradually, separate room for reading was made available where readers could sit and read books of their interest.

Today, Granthalaya has more than 7500 books in Marathi, Hindi, English and Telugu. It also has made provision for reading daily newspapers, magazines and periodicals in Marathi, Hindi, English and Telugu.

Around 1969-70, the Granthalaya got a Philip with active participation of Dr. H.S. Palep. He introduced many life members and started progressing day by day with no looking back.

Today, Granthlaya has 200 life members and readership of thousands of people.